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What is it?

Foursquare is a location-based social networking website and app for smartphones and other mobile devices like ipads. Users receive virtual points and badges for ‘checking in’ at venues the application locates nearby. Each location can be curated when users and location managers upload pictures and post tips. Locations can offer a wide variety of check-in specials that give incentive for student engagement.

The video on the foursquare homepage gives a basic introduction:

Fun Facts

  • In 2010, Foursquare users checked in from every single country on Earth.
  • North Korea was the last country to receive a check-in, though.
  • New York’s Penn Station saw the most check-ins of any train station worldwide, followed by Tokyo’s Shibuya and Shinjuku Stations.
  • Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s combined Rally to Restore Sanity drew the largest Foursquare checked-in crowd of the year with 30,525 check-ins.

Getting Started

    • Download the app to your smart phone or mobile device if you will be checking in on behalf of your organization.
    • Sign up with email or through your Facebook account on your mobile device.
    • Create your profile.
    • Find friends, LMU community members who frequent your area, and other locations on campus and send friend requests.
    • Become familiar with the app, explore campus through foursquare!
  • Watch this video to get up your area/business
  • Create a profile for your department (if you are the designated social media manager for your area).
  • Determine the best way to use foursquare to promote your area. (see best practices to for more resources on managing foursquare)

The Foursquare Lexicon:

Location Manager – Someone who is granted access to manage a location.

Mayor – The Mayor of a Location is the person who checks in most frequently.

Leaderboard – This charts the point count among all of your foursquare friends.

Badge – Badges and badge levels are awarded for different kinds of user activity.

Source: via Creative on Pinterest

Specials – Location Managers can create check-in specials to encourage student engagement.

Source: via Crhystyann on Pinterest


Best Practices

  • Determine how foursquare can best serve your area.  Should you only focus on curating your venue?  Should you also create events for people to check into?
  • Determine who should be the location manager for your area.
  • Determine if you need a foursquare account that represents your university program, department or student organization or if your area needs both!
  • Get familiar with both platforms – the foursquare app and
  • There are functions that are only available via the website or the app.
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