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Facebook provides users with an opportunity to build an online community with other users, departments, brands, and organizations. Users build value with wall posts, status updates, messages, and multi-media posts.

How to Set-Up A Facebook Account –


Below are some simple best practices when utilizing Facebook for your departmental area.
  • Make your affiliation with the university known.
  • Use the official LMU logo that is most applicable to your department.
  • Brand your page with a Cover Photo.
  • Keep your about page updated.
  • Keep your posts brief.
  • Post a variety of content throughout the week.
  • Respond promptly to questions, comments, and suggestions.
  • Add highlights to your Timeline.
  • Create Event Pages for specific programs.
  • Find other Facebook pages related to your department and “like” them.
  •  Integrate your Page with all your other communications vehicles (i.e. – Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, University Website, etc.).


  • If you average the amount of time each student spent on Facebook during his/her LMU career, each student would graduate with over 1400 hours of college credit.
  • Did you know that Facebook receives more active “hits” per day than the amount of average blinks a human takes in a day?
  • There are over 10 million more news stories shared on Facebook each day than Brian Williams of NBC’s Nightly News shares in a whole year.

FACEBOOK 101                     


Facebook Pages are recommended for departments and large-scaled permanent programs.  Pages should be overseen by an administrator and directly linked to a University registered email address.  Pages should act as a supplemental medium to your official University website and also connected to your official University website.
Pages should be made public, associated to the University, and frequently be updated.
The more interaction your page has with users, the more individuals will be enticed to visit and “like” your page.  The ultimate goal is to draw visitors to your Facebook page and maintain positive, consistent conversation — Strengthening brand loyalty.

How to Set-Up A Facebook Page & Landing page

Groups are recommended for smaller units (i.e. – FY Commuters 2012-2013, ASLMU Senators 2012-2013, FRESH Squad 2012-2013, etc.).  Groups should be advised by a University administrator but actively run by a current student.  Groups should be used to direct traffic towards Pages and other University medium outlets.
How to Create a Group
Events should be created by your departmental Page and open to the Public.  Events should be used for promotion, conversation, and excitement for your event.  Events should be advised by an administrator but actively run by a student.
How to create an event
How to make an event to go Viral
Facebook is connected with all major multi-media outlets.  Your Facebook Page/Group/Event should incorporate a variety of multi-media on a regular basis (i.e. – video, pictures, audio).
    • When posting videos, post the video directly on the page, so your audience does not have to leave the page to view it.
    • Post pictures to your page and tag the University. By tagging the University, followers of will be able to view your images, directing more traffic to your page.

Source: via Anders on Pinterest

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