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What is it?

As a global platform for creativity and self-expression, Tumblr and other blogs are committed to supporting creativity. Blogs are for users to express themselves freely, to reflect who they are, and what they love, think, witness, and believe.

Fun Facts

  • 64% of Bloggers are Hobbyists and 27% of Bloggers are Full-Time Bloggers
  • 25% of Bloggers are using mobile devices for Blogging
  • Search Engines (48%) and Social Media (28%) are the two major traffic sources for blogs
  • 30% of Bloggers lie in the age group of 25-34 years and 27% are of age group 35-44 years

Getting Started


  • Video on how to set-up a wordpress


  • Video on how to set-up a tumblr

Best Practices

    1. Following & Followers: On blog sites, you’re typically not there to talk to yourself. Blogs are as much a social chatting site as Twitter. After you’ve set up your blog, you will want to follow other bloggers and be followed back.
    2. Tag Your Searches.
    3. Re-Post & Ask Questions: There’s nothing shameful about reblogging. When you see a blog you like in the search list and you want to reblog it.
    4. Leave Comments
    5. Deselect Twitter & Facebook?  Another preference setting you will want to think carefully about is if you want to have your posted blogs immediately shared on your Twitter and Facebook accounts. This feature might be turned on by default. If you find yourself posting a lot, sharing numerous posts might be a turn off to your followers on your other sites. So it’s something to carefully consider.
    6. Customizing Background Colors: There are lots of great and free themes choose from. Search Google for ways to customize your blog.


Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

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