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Represent the LMU Brand and University Resources

LMU Student Affairs Social Media Best Practice:  Represent the LMU Brand and University Resources


It is important that your social media presence and its main design accurately depict your department and the University. In many cases, it is important to use a University approved LMU logo and/or photography.

University Logo: The primary logo used by Student Affairs within its web presence is the official LMU|LA logo. There are many resources available when wanting to use this logo.

LMU Athletics Logo: The arched LMU and the Lion head logo are the official LMU Athletics Logo.

  • This logo is also used throughout campus on many platforms, including Campus Rec Uniforms and Sodexo Uniforms.
  • For use of these logos, contact Karina Handeland in LMU Athletics at

Be consistent with the LMU brand.

  • If you have been authorized by your supervisor to create a LMU social media site, video or other content for posting online – and it is property owned by Loyola Marymount University.
  • Don’t use the LMU name, logo, athletic logo or any other LMU marks or images on any personal online sites you might maintain.
  • Don’t use the LMU name, logos, marks or images to promote or endorse any product, cause or political party or candidate.

Maintain confidentiality.

Do not post confidential or proprietary information about LMU, its students, its alumni or your fellow employees. Use good ethical judgment and follow university policies and federal requirements, such as FERPA, HIPPA and the Health Insurance Security/Privacy. • If you discuss a situation involving individuals on a social media site, be sure that they cannot be identified.  As a guideline, don’t post anything that you would not present at a conference.

Be aware of liability.

You are legally liable for what you post on your own site and on the sites of others. Individual bloggers have been held liable for commentary deemed to be proprietary, copyrighted, defamatory, libelous or obscene (as defined by the courts). Employers are increasingly conducting Web searches on job candidates before extending offers. Be sure that what you post today will not come back to haunt you.

As found on the LMU Web and New Media Resources Policies

Section 6: External Web Publishing, Mobile Applications, Social Media
With the proliferation of software-as-a-service Web tools, mobile applications and social media outlets, the delineation of Web activity hosted on the university’s official Web presence ( and/or an externally hosted Web sites is not self evident. For the purposes of university policy, all content, digital assets and/or other forms of digital external publication presented on behalf of the university and/or any of its programs or units is subject to this, the university’s Web and other policies. All online accounts and/or Web presences established by university units require prior registration and/or creation by Web, New Media and Design. Although external Web tools may vary in utility, style, audience and/or presentation, authors are held to the same standards of consistency, accuracy, appropriateness and visual identity considerations as they would if the content was published on As new media opportunities emerge and/or evolve, departments are required to consult and/or coordinate with Web, New Media and Design prior to establishing a university presence. The university may pursue, limit and/or delay consideration for a new media presence until a strategic decision is considered and approved.

Respect University time and property.

University computers and your work time are to be used for University-related educational and business purposes. It’s appropriate to post at work if your comments are directly related to accomplishing work goals, such as seeking sources for information or working with others to resolve a problem. Limited personal use of computing resources is acceptable as long as it doesn’t violate any policies, but for the most part, you should maintain your personal sites on your own time using non-LMU computers.

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