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Manage Platforms with Social Media Managers and Student Leaders

LMU Student Affairs Social Media Best Practice: Manage LMU Social Media Platforms with Social Media Managers and Student Leaders

  • Assign at least one administrator who can regularly monitor postings and update content.
  • Aim for regular, consistent postings and updates, at least once a week and, depending on the platform, more frequently.
  • If you make contact information available so that questions can be submitted, be sure to have the ability to respond in a timely fashion.

Social Media Managers

Based upon the scope of your department and the number of platforms created, individuals should be assigned to manage each social media account represented by the university.   Those professional staff members that are tasked with this role are known as a “Social Media Managers.”

Most likely, these individuals may already be running these sites and bring previous knowledge and comfort.  For example, under many areas of Campus Recreation are pages for The Loft, Mane Entertainment and FitWell that are managed by different professional staff members.  Each of these separate professionals are Social Media Managers because they individually run separate accounts.

However, these managers should not be the only administrators on these sites.  For example, on Facebook, multiple administrators should be added for continual management, communication and content.

Student Affairs Social Media managers will be invited to collaborative meetings to provide tools to further utilize platforms, assess strategies and provide feedback on progress.

As found in the LMU Web, New Media & Design LMU Social Media Guidelines,

Who’s in charge?

Someone needs to operate your Facebook, Twitter and/or YouTube channel. Define within your group who has the log-in, whether it’s one person or several, and who makes the call on what content will be posted.

Each social media account should have a social media manager. A social media manager is responsible for posting, monitoring and using content, and maintaining compliance with all of LMU policies and protocols.

Some key requirements to keep in mind regarding the responsibilities of a content manager:

  • Social Media Managers must make sure content is timely and accurate. They must demonstrate that they have sufficient content to engage a community on a regular basis.
  • They must have a clearly defined strategy that demonstrate knowledge of social media culture and etiquette.
  • Social Media Managers must engage in communications that are acceptable in the LMU workplace and respect copyrights and disclosures.
  •  Social Media Managers must be responsible for gaining the expressed consent of all involved parties for the right to distribution or publication of recordings, photos, images, video, text, slideshow presentations, artwork and advertisements whether those rights are purchased or obtained without compensation.
  • Social Media Managers must be responsible for constantly monitoring postings and comments to social media sites, and for deleting postings that do not adhere to LMU’s policies.

Check out a video on Rethinking Social Media in Higher Education on HigherEdLive, topic starts at 6:45.

Student Leaders

As Student Affairs professionals, many of our services could not be possible without the assistance of student leaders.  In addition, our role as educators are to provide students with challenging and intentional leadership development.  Considering both of these elements, Social Media management should also include empowering and training student leaders to assist in development, monitoring and advancing your social media channels.

All student leaders that are assisting with LMU related social media pages will be invited to Social Media Think Tanks.  Similarly to Social Media Managers, these gatherings will offer education, collaboration and advancement of platforms.

Check out how one university is doing it:

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