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Implement a Social Media Strategy

LMU Student Affairs Best Practice: Implement a Social Media Strategy

Before setting up social media accounts, ensure that you have reflected on the LMU New Media Social Media Questions, as it is important to know your target audience, development of a social media strategy, assessment of your efforts and staff management plans.

As found in the LMU Web, New Media & Design LMU Social Media Guidelines,

What’s your goal? 

“Kids use Facebook to communicate these days” is not a good enough reason to start a Facebook fan page. What are you trying to accomplish on Twitter or LinkedIn or others that cannot be accomplished through other means? On the flip side, what are you offering users that they can’t get elsewhere? Finally, how will you measure success?”

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that just because the technology exists you need to be using it. Hosting new communities in social media involves consistent effort over the long haul and is only one of many ways to engage your audience and/or clients. Please take time to consider if creating a separate social media platform for your LMU group is the most effective communication strategy.

Know your audience

Understand who you are trying to communicate with. Asking questions and taking polls are good methods to get your audience involved and it will help you understand their viewpoint. Ask them what they want to get out of their experience with the community.

Further, choose quality over quantity.   Doing one platform very well, is a better strategy than having a moderately managed accounts on every social media outlet.

Remember, there are three objectives to consider before beginning your journey in social media:

  1. Who is the audience you wish to engage? 
  2. What is the intended outcome of online engagement? 
  3. Do you have the experience and time commitment to manage a social media account? 

Ask yourself, do we need to be on social media?

It is important to determine whether or not your department, program, venue, club or organization even needs to be on social media.  In some cases it is best to close down your social media accounts and distribute your event promotions and messaging through other social media accounts on campus.

Here are some examples of reasons to consider changing your social media strategy and collaborate with other popular LMU social media accounts:

  1. Your account(s) do not publish regular updates because of lack of content and/or events to share with your audience.
  2. There are other Student Affairs social media accounts that are already communicating similar information to the same target audience.
  3. There does not seem to be a response in followers, fans, &/or subscribers that warrants continuation of the platform.

See the guide section on collaboration.  Check out how LMU FitWellASLMU and Mane Entertainment Facebook pages are sharing/support divisional content.  Please feel free to contact the social media workgroup to discuss your social media strategy if you any questions.

Source: via Allen on Pinterest

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