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Develop an Authentic and Transparent Social Media Voice

LMU Student Affairs Best Practice: Develop an Authentic and Transparent Social Media Voice

Find your voice

Each Student Affairs social media account represents a group on campus with a mission, a purpose and goals as well as brand/personality.  Consider your area’s voice online and how it reflects your already established campus identify.

  • Are you clever, compassionate, inspirational, silly, straightfoward?
  • Do you live tweet?
  • Do you share campus tips?

Make sure all social media managers and student leaders running your accounts understand and carry out this voice.

There are many different approaches to communicate with students and it is best to use an approach that works best for the audience you are trying to reach.  Be true to your area’s mission when deciding on a consistent social media voice consistently.

As found in the LMU Web, New Media & Design LMU Social Media Guidelines,


People use social media because it engages them. The content is either fun or crucially informative to their lives. So keep it fun and interesting!

Be a person

Social media is about being social between people. Even if your posts are coming from an official LMU entity, the content is created by a person. Stay away from stiff or bureaucratic language, and remember your community wants to interact with people, not machines or offices. In doing that, be sure to remember that you are speaking as an LMU employee, so don’t say anything you wouldn’t readily stand by or say in your office.


What social media has over the institutional website is that it is interactive and generally less formal. Users can communicate with you, with each other, and in every possible direction. For that reason, it’s better to develop content that involves users, rather than just talking at them. Ask questions, take polls, offer activities, respond to inquiries—it’s all part of interacting with the community.

Mediocre tweet: LMU Announces $50 Million Gift to Rename Science Building:

Better tweet: We’re renaming the Science Building! If it was your decision, what would you name it? Best answer gets retweeted here.

Keep it real

Social Media needs to be authentic.  Especially if your target is students, this audience can tell when posts are automated or not personal   When making posts be clear and own your content.  Don’t promote something that you personally or the university wouldn’t endorse.  Again make sure to communicate in an authentic voice.

Build an interactive and open online community

For example, Facebook pages should be kept open so dialogue with your community can be two way.

Responding to negative comments

If you follow the best practice listed above, building an interactive and open online community, there is a chance that negative comments/activity may arise.  If you find yourself in a position where the communication becomes antagonistic, avoid being defensive.  Having thoughtful discussions on important topics is a great to way to build your community and is a very important aspect of having a successful social media site.

Source: Uploaded by user via Alex on Pinterest

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