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Social media involves technology, and the better you know the technology you are working with, the better you can work with social media. Here are some items to think of as you begin to start a social media page.

E-Mail: Social media accounts are usually tied to an email account. When establishing a social media site that is for an LMU organization/club/team/etc., it is recommended to establish a general email account through LMU. For example, for LMU men’s basketball, it is General Athletics email is 

  • The primary reason to establish a general email for the social media site is so that it is not tied to a personal email and so that the account can stay active as those who serve as administrators change.
  • To establish an email account, contact IT through the Help Desk at or (310) 338-7777. There will be a form to fill-out and IT can walk you through the process.

Mobile: The second piece of technology that is often tied to social media is the mobile phone. Most (if not all) of the social media sites make it very easy to use a mobile application to run the social media pages. In fact, most social media pages are heavily geared toward the smart phones. When setting up social media pages, it is good to have several LMU contacts connected through the phones to monitor what the social media page looks like online. Often what it looks like on the big, fancy computer monitor is different than what it looks like on a mobile. When designing social media pages keep this in mind. And check them OFTEN.

Logos/Branding: It is important that your social media presence and its main design accurately depict your department and the University. It is important to use a University approved LMU logo and/or photography (see #4). Logos:

The Logo:

LMU Athletics Logo: The arched LMU and the Lion head logo are the official LMU Athletics Logo. This logo is also used throughout campus on many platforms, including Campus Rec Uniforms and Sodexo Uniforms. For use of these logos, contact Karina Handeland in LMU Athletics at

Photos: Social media thrives on fresh photos and lots of them. Most phones/iPods/hand held devices have cameras, and the cameras keep getting better as technology improves. This technology makes it easy to put photos up frequently. In addition, it is good to identify events or moments where higher-quality photos can be used to create photo galleries and photos that followers can download.

  • University Stock Photos: A great place to find professional photos that could be used in design the social media pages is Netpix Photo Gallery, which is managed by University Relations. To access Netpix, go to MyLMU and click on System Logins. Netpix is under “Manual (Non Single Sign-On) and toward the bottom. Or click on the link: Follow the instruction to become a registered user or just use the public galleries.
  • Videos: As mentioned with photos, an entire social media platform (YouTube) is all about video. It goes without saying that video is very important. Video from phones are nice and easy. However, it is always good to look at higher quality video. There are many options on campus to assist in putting together professional video of events/functions, including Roar Network. For more information, visit ROAR Network here.
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