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Social Media and Higher Education

The Division of Student Affairs at LMU engages with a diverse, primarily student audience, and using social media allows for relatable and dynamic interactions.  When using social media, there are best practices that can be applied to work in Student Affairs.  There are also existing LMU guidelines and policies to follow.

The goal of this guide is to help those in the Division of Student Affairs who are interested in effectively using social media to share their news and disseminate information. This guide will help you through the process of setting up a social media account and using a strategic approach to build an online community.

This guide provides LMU Student Affairs professionals with education, resources and direction on social media usage in their roles, especially those who have an official role in managing social networks on behalf of the university.  It also benefits staff, faculty and students who might have an unofficial role in a university online presence.

The LMU Division of Student Affairs Social Media Guide was developed from a social media work group comprised of active users and experts within the division, as well as adoption of existing higher education social media guides, policies and best practices from the University of Delaware, Oregon State University and Brock University.

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